APP Foundation is devoted to shaping and promoting sound public policy, and sound policy requires free scientific inquiry. For this reason, we are greatly concerned by the extent to which science and medicine has been politically captured. We are dedicated to uncovering areas where political motivations have a stranglehold on objective science and the ethical practice of medicine, promoting diverse scientific inquiry, and encouraging the use of new data for the benefit of human dignity and the family.

Respect for life requires that science and technology should always be at the service of man and his integral development.

The lack of ethical responsibility in science and medicine makes certain issues even more difficult to fight politically, because there is still widespread belief that progressive policy positions are scientifically backed, and a misguided belief in the objective diligence of professional organizations that are oft cited by progressives. The current debates over gender and sexuality, physician-assisted suicide, and the treatment of embryos are all issues of science and medicine that are distorted by such misconceptions. APP Foundation is committed to clearing the air on the political front in order to give a voice to honest research and the ethical practice of medicine.

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