Working Americans across the country are struggling. Wages are stagnant. The cost of living is rising and the value of the dollar is eroding, injuring the dignity and economic security of workers and families. Many of these ills are the direct result of disastrous Federal Reserve policies, which the Fed is allowed to perpetuate because of its monopoly on money.

Economic growth doesn't mean anything if it leaves people out.

American Principles Project Foundation seeks to educate citizens and lawmakers on the need to reexamine prevalent assumptions about the Federal Reserve and monetary policy. We aim to end the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money, instead promoting competing currencies as the path to renewed prosperity for American workers.

Economic Research

The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money

Renowned author George Gilder tackles key questions about how monetarism distorts the economy and leads to misallocation of investment, and advances an innovative, new theory for understanding money.

It’s Inflation Stupid!

Dr. Marc A. Miles explains how Federal Reserve interest rate policies have slowed economic growth and reduced workers’ wages, and argues for renewed political focus on the underappreciated impact of inflation.

Implementing a Twenty-first Century Gold Standard

Rich Danker details how a gold standard would be implemented in the present day — from the convertibility of the dollar with gold to its integration in electronic payment systems.

The Gold Standard: The Foundation of Our Economy’s Greatness

Scholar Brian Domitrovic surveys American economic history and shows how the gold standard was responsible for the country’s most remarkable period of economic growth.

Restoring Sound Money: What the States Can Do

Rich Danker outlines the Constitutional basis for sound money and suggests how state governments can bypass a stagnant federal system and spur a return to hard currency.

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