The American Experiment rests on the ideas that the people are the ultimate earthly sovereign, that they are all created equally, and that government should preserve individual rights and be citizen-directed. The founding generation crafted the Constitution to advance those ideas.

No method of procedure has ever been devised by which liberty could be divorced from local self-government.

For more than one hundred years, progressives have marched against the constitutional structure. They have employed a variety of mechanisms to undermine citizen-directed government, to tear down the constitutional structure, and to threaten individual rights. They have severely compromised the effectiveness of the constitutional structure.

APP Foundation is conducting a comprehensive study of these mechanisms and their consequences—practical and theoretical—for the states and for self-government in America. It is using this study to educate citizens on the matter; offer real, practical solutions to lawmakers; and arm grassroots activists with the tools they need to fight federal encroachment in their communities and states.

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